2Wire Login

2Wire in 2016 is now a part of ARRIS International plc, for more detailed please visit ARRIS website. Below are information for 2Wire router, common default username: none, password: none/Wireless, router ip login ( for accessing web admin panel and technical support.

Auto detect 2Wire Router IP Address

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Most Common Routers IP Address:

2Wire Login Default Password and Username

2wire item ModelProtocolUsernamePassword
2WIRE 2701HGV-E192.168.0.1adminn/a
2WIRE 2071 is an ADSL2+
2WIRE 2701HG ADSL1/2/2+
2WIRE 271HG HyperG wireless192.168.0.1adminn/a
2WIRE 271HGV Wireless VoIP192.168.0.1adminn/a
2WIRE 2801HGV VoIP Wireless ADSL2+
2WIRE 2801HG Wireless ADSL2+
2WIRE 1800HG wireless ADSL192.168.1.254--
2WIRE 2701HGV VoIP WIreless ADSL2+

Easy Guide: How to access Your Router

1. Open Your Web Browser2. Type Your Router IP3. Enter Login Details
Open your favorite web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, IE) from your PC, laptop or smartphone and Make sure that devices already connected to your router’s network.
Type Your router ip login, if you don’t know or forgot, here’s your router ip login.
If correct it will display a login window.
Enter username and your router password, search here for 2Wire default router password & username
NOTE: If you forgot your username and password, try this followong steps:
  • Password Recovery Feature, Some router’s like Netgear have Router Password Recovery feature.
  • Hard Reset or factory reset, by pressing (and hold for a few seconds) the reset button (on the back of your router) using a paper clip or needle, release and wait till reboot. This restores the Router’s default settings.
2Wire Technical Support

Phone: Support not available for discontinued models.

Website: (2016) 2Wire is now a part of ARRIS