Asus Login

Below are information for Asus router, common default router IP login for asus or try using alternate url at for accessing web admin (configuration and setings) page, common default username: admin, password: password, if still trouble with your networking devices, please contact Asus technical support, see the information below.

Auto detect Asus Router IP Address

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Your Router IP Login:
Most Common Routers IP Address:

Step-by-step Log into Asus Wireless Router Setting

1. Open web browser and type the IP address, most common default IP address is
2. Type your router username and password, both default username and password is ‘admin

If you lost or forgot the default password and username, you can try using default username and password in the list below according to the Asus model or you can restore to the factory default settings by pressing and hold 5-10 seconds the “Reset” button at the back of your router.
3. Once you logged into the Asus Web GUI, you can start configure and setup the router
Asus Router Setting Page (Blue GUI)

Asus Login Default Password and Username

Asus item ModelProtocolUsernamePassword
ASUS WL-500G Rev.
ASUS WL503G Rev. ALLHTTPadminadmin
ASUS WL500 Rev. ALLHTTPadminadmin
ASUS WL300 Rev. ALLHTTPadminadmin
ASUS P5P800MULTIn/aadmin
ASUS WL500GHTTPadminadmin
ASUS 4G-AC55U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS 4G-AC68U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS 4G-N12192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS AAM6020VI-FI192.168.1.1rootadmin
ASUS BRT-AC828/M2192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS Blue Cave192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS CM-16192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS CM-32192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS DSL-AC52U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS DSL-AC56U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS DSL-AC68U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS DSL-G31192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS DSL-N10192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS DSL-N11192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS DSL-N12U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS DSL-N12U rev B1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS DSL-N13192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS DSL-N17U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS DSL-N17U B1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS DSL-N55U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS DSL-N55U C1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS DSL-N66U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS EA-AC87192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS EA-N6610.0.1.1/
ASUS GT-AC5300192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS GT-AC9600192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS GT-AX11000192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS Internet Radio (AIR)
ASUS Internet Radio 3 (AIR3)
ASUS Lyra192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS Lyra Mini192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS Lyra Trio192.168.72.1adminadmin
ASUS Lyra Voice192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS PL-AC56http://ap.asus.comadminadmin
ASUS PL-N12http://ap.asus.comadminadmin
ASUS RP-AC52-adminadmin
ASUS RP-AC53192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RP-AC55192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RP-AC56192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RP-AC68U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RP-AC87192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RP-N12192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RP-N14192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RP-N53-adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC1200192.168.50.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC1200G192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC1200GP192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC1200GU192.168.50.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC1200HP192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC1750192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC1900192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC1900P192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC3100192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC3200192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC42U192.168.50.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC51U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC52U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC52U B1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC53192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC5300192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC53U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC54U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC55U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC55UHP192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC56S192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC56U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC58U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC65U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC66U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC66U B1192.168.50.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC68P192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC68U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC68U Extreme192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC68UF192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC750192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC750GF192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC85U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC86U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC87U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AC88U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-ACRH13192.168.50.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-ACRH17192.168.50.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AX88U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-AX95U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-G32 rev A1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-G32 rev B1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-G32 rev C1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N10 rev A1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N10 rev C1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N10 rev D1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N10+ rev B1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N10+ rev D1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N10E192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N10E B1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N10P192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N10P V2192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N10U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N10U B192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N11192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N11P192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N11P B1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N12 rev A1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N12 rev B1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N12 rev C1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N12 rev D1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N12+ B1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N12+B1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N12E192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N12E B1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N12E C1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N12HP192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N12HP B1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N12K192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N12VP192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N13192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N13U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N13U B1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N14U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N14UHP192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N15192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N15U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N16192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N18U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N300192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N300 B1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N53192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N54U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N56U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N56U B1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N600192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N65U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N66U192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N66W192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RT-N800HP192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS RX3041192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS TM-AC1900192.168.29.1adminpassword
ASUS WL-300192.168.39.130-asus
ASUS WL-300g192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS WL-320gP192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS WL-330192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS WL-330N3G192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS WL-330g192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS WL-330gE192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS WL-500192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS WL-500W192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS WL-500b192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS WL-500g192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS WL-500g Deluxe192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS WL-500gP v1192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS WL-500gP v2192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS WL-520g192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS WL-520gC192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS WL-520gU192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS WL-530g192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS WL-530gV2192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS WL-550gE192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS WL-566gM192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS WL-600g192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS WL-700gE192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS WL-HDD2.5192.168.1.220adminadmin
ASUS WMP-N12192.168.1.1adminadmin
ASUS Zenbo192.168.1.1adminadmin

Easy Guide: How to access Your Router

1. Open Your Web Browser2. Type Your Router IP3. Enter Login Details
Open your favorite web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, IE) from your PC, laptop or smartphone and Make sure that devices already connected to your router’s network.
Type Your router ip login, if you don’t know or forgot, here’s your router ip login.
If correct it will display a login window.
Enter username and your router password, search here for Asus default router password & username
NOTE: If you forgot your username and password, try this followong steps:
  • Password Recovery Feature, Some router’s like Netgear have Router Password Recovery feature.
  • Hard Reset or factory reset, by pressing (and hold for a few seconds) the reset button (on the back of your router) using a paper clip or needle, release and wait till reboot. This restores the Router’s default settings.
Asus Technical Support
For English Speaking, Phone Number:
Component Prod. Support: 1-812-282-2787, Mon-Fri (24 Hours), Sat-Sun (6:00AM – 5:00PM PST)
*Closed in observance of major national holidays.

For French Speaking, Phone Number:
Component Product Support: 1-905-370-2787, Mon-Fri (6:00AM – 3:00PM PST)
*Closed in observance of major national holidays.

Website: Official Asus Support

Commercial Clients: (B2B/EDU). Visit Website below