CenturyLink Login

CenturyLink are internet service provider that using various modem or router brands like Actiontec, Adtran, Caliz, Cisco, D-Link, Technicolor, Westell, Zyxel. Common default router IP login for CenturyLink for accessing web admin (configuration and setings) page, common default username: admin, password: see at table below, if still trouble with your networking devices, please contact CenturyLink technical support, see the information below.

Auto detect CenturyLink Router IP Address

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Your Router IP Login:
Most Common Routers IP Address:

CenturyLink Login Default Password and Username

Below are modem/router’s that compatible and been tested also approved work on the CenturyLink.

Centurylink item ModelProtocolUsernamePassword
CENTURYLINK EQ-660HW192.168.2.1-1234

For retired router’s from CenturyLink network should be replace with the recommended list of routers for CenturyLink, below are list of retired router/modems. (Search default IP login, username and password at RoutersLogin.com according with your router device)

2WireAll Models
AcctonDSL 1000
ActiontecGT701 series
Cisco678 (DMT only)
Efficient SpeedstreamAll Models
LucentDSL Pipe
NetopiaAll Models
Speedtouch/ThompsonAll Models
WestellAll Models except 7500
VisionnetAll Models
ZyXEL600 series

Easy Guide: How to access Your Router

1. Open Your Web Browser2. Type Your Router IP3. Enter Login Details
Open your favorite web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, IE) from your PC, laptop or smartphone and Make sure that devices already connected to your router’s network.
Type Your router ip login, if you don’t know or forgot, here’s your router ip login.
If correct it will display a login window.
Enter username and your router password, search here for CenturyLink default router password & username
NOTE: If you forgot your username and password, try this followong steps:
  • Password Recovery Feature, Some router’s like Netgear have Router Password Recovery feature.
  • Hard Reset or factory reset, by pressing (and hold for a few seconds) the reset button (on the back of your router) using a paper clip or needle, release and wait till reboot. This restores the Router’s default settings.
CenturyLink Technical Support
Phone Number:
Long Distance services: 866-642-0444, Monday–Friday 7AM – 9PM (ET)

Website Support: Official CenturyLink Help Center

Technician Support: Where’s My Technician

Small Business Support: Small Business

Business Support Numbers: 877-726-6875
MyLevel3 Portal Support: 877-453-8353 (720-888-0030), option 2, then 3 (6:00am–6:00pm MT)
Website Support: Business Support